Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Boats in the Bay and the Red Arrows

Today was my son's birthday and he wanted some binoculars, so he was very excited when he saw the schooner from our bathroom window.  My husband then spotted the funnel of a liner.  We rushed 500 yards up the hill to the park and saw the liner from a better angle but the sky was hazy.  In the afternoon the haze cleared which produced a better picture of the Ariana.
Last week was Torquay's carnival week and we are always lucky enough to have the Red Arrows.   There were hundreds of people up the park and this year's display was the best to date.  The Red Arrows always perform a cross over where two planes fly towards each other at an alarming speed and cross over, missing each other by a tiny distance.  This year four planes crossed over, two from one direction and two from the opposite direction.  There was a huge intake of breath from everyone in the park - phew scary!  Congratulations to the Red Arrows.

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