Monday, 2 December 2013

Hand Made Christmas Card

I always make hand made Christmas cards for my family and friends, it shows that you care.  They don't have to be complicated but I usually get carried away!
 Use a firm cotton fabric as a base
 Lay strips of fabric or Christmas ribbons on top of the fabric.  Anchor the fabric or ribbons with straight stitching or fancy stitches using a variety of threads.  Add additional stitching where required.

Cut the stitched fabric into a rectangle to represent a candle.  Attach the rectangle to the card with a narrow strip of double sided sticky tape to anchor it and then stitch through the rectangle and the card using a medium width and medium length zigzag.  Add a star for the flame.
This technique could also be used on a larger scale to make a spectacle or mobile phone case or even a small bag.

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