Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Machine Knitted Felt - Hydrangea Bag

Hello and welcome.  I hope that you will find this blog informative and inspirational.  Many of our customers are not sure how to use some of our products, so I hope to be able to give you more information than you will find on the website.  Inspiration is always important, so, hopefully, the pictures of products, scenery, flowers and beautiful things that catch my eye will inspire you to create stunning pieces of work.
I have always loved hydrangeas because of their amazing colours.  An elderly gentleman allowed me to pick a few blooms from his garden and I made this bag.  The flowers on the bag are made from Machine Knitted Felt, hand dyed felt and stranded cotton which are found in Lilac Flower 'B' Twin Felt pack.
The Machine Knitted Felt flowers have been attached with ordinary sewing cotton using a blanket stitch and the hand dyed felt flowers are free standing, just being caught here and there at the centre.  The centre of the Machine Knitted Felt flowers have woven circles using one strand of the 4 stranded cotton and the centre of the hand dyed felt flower has lots and lots of detached blanket stitch which creates a free standing squiggle.  The very tiny flowers are made from one strand of 4 stranded cotton using 8 French knots with tails for each flower.  Finally, large green French knots have been worked in 4 ply green wool to suggest leaves.  The bag I made with dark green cotton fabric which I bought at a patchwork shop as they always have a large selection of colours.