Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Merino Wool Tops - Cords (Part 1)

Here are the instructions for making cords from Merino Wool Tops.  They are great fun to make and are extremely versatile.
1.  Protect the work surface with plastic and/or towel.  Put bubble wrap (rough side up) on top of the towel.
2.  Take about 6" (15cm) Merino Wool Tops and divide in half and in half again 1" x 6" (2.5 x 15cm).  If you want a thicker cord use one-third or half the wool top.
3.  Pull off small pieces of wool tops and lay them on the bubble wrap.
4.  Sprinkle a little warm water on to the bubble wrap.  Rub the wet bubble wrap with Olive Soap.
5.  Gently roll the wool tops in one direction away from you.  If this is difficult add a little more water and soap.  If the bubble wrap moves, anchor it to the work surface.  If the cord becomes too flat it is because it is too wet, so dab away the moisture.  If the ends are too thin cut them off.  If the bubble wrap becomes dry add more water and soap.  As the cord becomes firmer roll using more pressure.  Continue to roll until the cord is very firm.  If you use Blended Merino Wool Tops or several different colours you will get a spiral effect because you have rolled in one direction.
6.  Gently rinse in warm water to remove the soap and dry on a towel.
Left - gold pulled from a quarter Merino Wool Top
Middle - granite pulled from half Blended Merino Wool Top
Right - scarlet/orange/mauve/magenta pulled from 4 Merino Wool Tops
Rolling the cord on bubble wrap
Finished cords 'before and after'

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