Saturday, 19 October 2013

South West Embroiderers' Guild AGM

Yesterday we attended the South West Embroiderers' Guild AGM.  It was extremely well organised and I met lots of people, some old friends and some new.  The AGM was held at a school and it was an extension to the school, where the traders were situated, that fascinated me.  I think the extension was mainly used as a music room because there were lots of instruments visible.
Part of my stand with embroidery threads, textured yarn and machine knitted felt.

The most wonderfully inventive fountain I have ever seen, consisting of an assortment of brass instruments which had probably been welded together with water spouting out, possibly, a trombone.  The roof to the left has grass on it and the roof with the solar panels also has shingles made from recycled tyres.  You can also see 'dead' pianos brightly painted and used as plant containers.
The inside of the 'music room'.  The instruments on the wall were real but beautifully squashed.  You may wonder what the plank is on the left hand side - it was a tree trunk.  If you look carefully at the right hand side of the image you will see that an upside down French horn has been used as a lampshade!  The walls of the building were about two feet thick and were insulated with either sheep's wool or straw bales.  Outside the building there was a vegetable garden, chickens and other assorted animals.  What an amazing environment for children to learn.

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