Monday, 6 January 2014


As the weather is so terrible at the moment I thought you might like to see a picture that reminds me of the summer.  The picture is a seascape with blue sky, sun shining on to the turquoise sea, golden sands and gently flowing surf.  The back of our house overlooks the bay, so I spent many happy times watching the effect of the sun on the water.
I have made the picture using machine knitted felt but it could easily be made using fabrics, hand made felt or needle felting.  I have continued the wool theme and used textured wool yarn couched down to represent the waves.  Finally running stitches and French knots of varying thicknesses were added for additional colour and texture with a few Tumblechips sewn on to catch the light.
At the moment the skies are charcoal, the rain is pouring and the waves are crashing on to the beach driven by the strong winds.


  1. We are having rain in biblical amounts here too but your seascape brightened the day and reminded me that we are on our way to spring.

  2. Hi Marilyn,

    What a lovely picture. So nice to have something that evokes Summer while we await the sunshine.
    All the very best.