Monday, 27 January 2014

West Country Embroiderers, Cornwall South AGM

A few days ago I took my 'shop' to Perranwell, near Truro for the West Country Embroiderers, Cornwall South group AGM.  I have been several times before and it is always a very enjoyable event.  There was a display of items made at workshops over the year which covered a wide range of techniques.

Felt Pots
Rag rug

After a superb buffet lunch the guest speaker was Di Wells who creates the most spectacular patchwork.  Some of her work is extremely small and her hand stitching is unbelievably neat and even.  Her talk was a real joy and made a great impression on everyone.
A jungle scene

Log Cabin made with 1/8" strips

And finally...
During the AGM a mobile phone rang and a lady rushed out of the room.  When she entered the room I could not hear what she said.  She then apologised and said she would turn her phone off but all her friends told her to keep the phone on.  About ten minutes later the phone rang again and the lady left the room.  When she returned she was very emotional and said in a loud voice, "We've got a girl".  Her daughter had just given birth to a baby girl!!!

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